The Graceful Art of Falling

About the Author

L. White grew up in a small New England town in the heart of the Green Mountains. Diagnosed at age 12 with a chronic progressive disease, she has struggled over the years to find acceptance and strength.  In April of 2011, L. White was moved by a friend to share her experience with muscular dystrophy.  She spent 2 years compiling her most embarrassing, emotional, and personal stories about living with this disease into one book.  In writing this book, she realized it was much easier to face her challenges on the day-to-day than to relive them through writing… one right after the other.  Reliving these experiences often made her depressed so L. White took several long breaks from the book.  Still, since she first committed to sharing her experience, she has been motivated to finish in hopes that her story would help others experiencing similar challenges.

L. White is now 29 years old and lives in New Mexico.  She has her master’s degree in public administration and is working at a local nonprofit.  It is her dream to work in a position involved in healthcare access or policy.  She plans to donate a portion of all proceeds from this book to organizations which conduct research and support individuals with muscle disorders. If you would like to contact her about this book or about speaking opportunities please

By L. White