The Graceful Art of Falling

About the Book

The Graceful Art of Falling provides an inside look at fifteen years of one woman’s experience with a chronic, progressive muscle disorder. Beginning at age twelve when she was diagnosed, L. White tried to ignore and deny that she was any different than all her friends and that she was afflicted by a degenerative disease. Life in a small town with little diversity meant the smallest difference stood out like a sore thumb, and her difference was not small. Not wanting to be different, she found clever ways to hide her weakness throughout middle school, high school, and even into college, which included Google-Mapping routes to avoid stairs. 

Only after several years, and when she realized her weaknesses could no longer be ignored, did L. White find the courage to face her disorder, learn to cope, and eventually accept the ongoing changes to her body and her life. This book is a motivational and true account about growing up, struggling to find acceptance, and facing your future when you know exactly what your fate holds. The Graceful Art of Falling shows readers what it’s like to accept what you cannot change and find the strength to keep walking.

By L. White